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Microforms: Highlights of the Microforms Collection

Highlights of the Microforms Collection


The Microforms section on LG1 holds a substantial percentage of HKUST's collection (over 71,000 titles). These titles are made up of both monographs and periodicals and are on two different formats: microfiche and microfilm.

Still, this collection remains rather mysterious to many people. What is inside those grey cabinets, how does one use those intimidating machines? This pathfinder is designed to point out some of the significant items in the Microforms collection, such as large collections or long runs of journals and to facilitate using the collection

Highlights of the Microforms Collection

1.  滿語文獻集 = Mango Bunkenshu 6. Landmarks of Science
2.  Confidential British Foreign Office (BFO) Political Correspondence 7. LCAR (Listed companies annual reports)
3.  Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files 8.  Nineteenth Century. Books on China
4.  FBIS - Foreign Broadcast Information Service (all countries and regions) 9.  SEC File
5.  Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature 10. Western Books on Asia. Japan

1. 滿語文獻集 = Mango Bunkenshu = [Tenri collection of Manchu-books in Manchu characters. Ser. I, Linguistics]

滿語文獻集 = Mango Bunkenshu = [Tenri collection of Manchu-books in Manchu characters. Ser. I, Linguistics]

This is a collection of 30 different titles (totaling 43,580 pages) on 52 reels. The collection contains dictionaries, grammars, and readers in Manchu (a few bilingual in Manchu and Chinese).  Dating from the Qing Dynasty, the earliest from 1702 and the most recent, 1891.  The originals are held at the Tenri Central Library in Nara Prefecture, Japan.

(Microfilm PL471.M36 1966)

2. Confidential British Foreign Office (BFO) Political Correspondence

Confidential British Foreign Office (BFO) Political Correspondence
One of the most comprehensive English language documentary sources on events occurring in China from the end of imperial rule to the end of World War II. China's international relations, especially those focusing on British colonies and interests in Asia (e.g. Hong Kong, Chinese relations with India, etc.) are also covered.


3. Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files

Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files

Contains the reports of American diplomatic personnel throughout China and the Far East, including special reports, confidential correspondence, interviews, minutes of meetings, and translated documents.  These files document in extensive detail the political, military, economic, social, and foreign affairs of China from 1930 through 1966.

Some of these records are also available for HKUST under the following links:

Here is the microfilm collection:




4. FBIS - Foreign Boradcast Information Service

FBIS (all countries and regions)
The FBIS is produced by the U.S. government. Radio and television news broadcasts from around the world are transcribed, translated into English, and then published.  You can search these documents using  Reference Standalone station on the G/F.

Of special note:

Daily Report. Asia & Pacific
(Microfiche D410.I53 A8.) 1978-1980, Jan. 4, 1982- May 29, 1987
Daily Report - East Asia
(Microfiche D410.I53 A8) June 1987 - August 1996
Daily Report. China
(Microfiche D410.I53 P4) Apr. 1981.- July, 1996

5. Goldsmoth's-Kress Library of Economic Literature

Goldsmiths'-Kress Library of Economic Literature  (Microfilm HB161.G64)

This collection combines two important libraries' holdings, one from the University of London and the other from Harvard's Graduate School of Business.  There are more than 28,000 early works in Business and Economics published between the fifteenth and the twentieth centuries.

Some of the works microfilmed here are the only existing copies.  Others in the series come from the personal libraries of such famous people as Adam Smith, David Ricardo, William Wordsworth, and Karl Marx. 

These works can be useful for historical and cross-cultural studies in Economics and Business. The works in this collection are mainly in English, but some are also in French, German and other European languages.

 This entire collection is now also available to HKUST online under the title: The making of the modern world. [Part I], [The Goldsmiths’-Kress Library of Economic Literature, 1450-1850]

6. Landmarks of Science


Landmarks of Science. Monographs   (Microfiche Q111.L3)  and  Landmarks II Monographs  (Microfiche Q111.L35)

These two collections cover five centuries of printed scientific literature. They include first editions of famous scientific works, and the scientific literature that surrounds them; later, influential editions; translations; works by the less famous scientists; scientific textbooks; biographies of scientists; and bibliographies of scientific work. The main languages are English, French, German, Latin and Italian, but works in other languages also appear. An attempt has been made to include contemporary English translations when available.

Landmarks II Journals  (Call numbers vary)

This is a collection of scientific journals, some dating from the 17th century, when the scientific journal as we know it was born. 

Samuel Scudder's Catalogue of Scientific Serials, 1663-1875 served as a bibliographic base of the collection.  Since often individual libraries might lack pages or volumes, many collections have been tapped to provide as complete a run as possible.

Both the monograph and journal collections are useful to scholars of the history of science, the history of technology, the history of western civilization, and the history of ideas.  It also facilitates multidisciplinary studies among fields such as History, Languages, Philosophy, Astronomy, Music and Science.

7. LCAR & DCAR - Listed Companies Annual Reports and & De-listed Company Annual Reports


LCAR (Listed Companies Annual Reports) and DCAR (De-listed Company Annual Reports)


8. Nineteenth Century Books on China

Nineteenth Century. Books on China - (Microfiche DS755 .N55 no. 1-733)

This collection of 733 titles on fiche, you can see the browse list here.

The collection contains works in English (or translated into English) about China first published in the nineteenth century. (although a few important works of the late eighteenth century and early twentieth century are also included).  The original monographs are mainly held by the British Library in its Oriental and India Office Collections.  Each monograph can be searched individually in the Library catalog,.


9. SEC File

SEC File  (Microfiche HG4028.B2 C74) 1978-

The Library's  SEC file contains copies of the reports filed by listed companies with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.These include the 10K's (Annual Report to SEC), the 10Q's (Quarterly Reports to SEC), Proxy Statements, Prospectuses, Statistical Summaries, and many more.

HKUST Library's collection on microfiche goes 1978 to 1997.  Full-text of all company filings to the SEC since 1995 are  available online from the  SEC Edgar website.


10. Western Books on Japan

Western Books on Asia. Japan - (Microfiche DS803 .W47 no. 1-8000)

This collection of 1,834 titles on 8,000 fiche contains materials exploring the social, economic and political history of Japan from the 16th century to the 1930's,.  The browse list is here.

They are written in western languages (English, French, Italian, etc.).  The works are mostly by westerners: travelers, missionaries, and government officials and thus reveal a lot about Western ideas of Asia (and Japan in particular) as well as providing information about Japan.

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