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Ovid Databases: Advanced Search

Advanced Search

The Advanced Search offers Keyword, Author, Title and Journal search.


1. Keyword Search

Type a term or phrase to conduct your search, consecutive words are treated as a phrase. You can use the symbols or operators below to conduct a complex search:

Symbols/Operators Meaning Examples
* [asterisk] OR $ [dollar sign] find all possible variants child$
retrieve records containing child, children, childhood, etc.
? [question mark] use inside or at the end of a word to replace zero or one character flavo?r
retrieve records containing flavour, flavor
(...) [brackets] specify the order of search terms, terms within brackets will be searched first (water and pollution) NOT air
retrieve records containing water and pollution, but excludes records containing the word air
AND find records including both terms blood pressure AND stroke
retrieve records containing both terms blood pressure and stroke
OR find records with either or both search terms pregnancy OR birth
retrieve results containing pregnancy, birth or both terms
NOT find records with the first of two search terms, but not the second education NOT patient education
retrieve records containing only the term education and not the term patient education

2. Author Search

Enter author's last name followed by first name to search. You can use '$' to truncate the names, e.g. Simon$. 

When conducting an author search, e.g. "Thomas V", you will be provided with an alphabetical list of author's last names and initials. Choose the appropriate entry with the first and second initial from the list provided. Once you have chosen, click on the "Search for selected terms" button to continue.

3. Title Search

Select the Title radio button and type a term or phrase in everyday language in the text box to begin a search.

4. Journal Search

Select the Journal radio button and type the first few letters of a journal name in the command line to begin a search. You do not need to know the full name of the journal to use this search type. 

Click the Search button to open the journal index display starting from the term you entered. Choose the appropriate entry and click on the "Search for selected terms" button to continue.

Example: Acta Paediatrica

Lewis Li

Kevin Ho

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