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AI Literacy for End-Users: AI Tools & Directories

This guide is created to help HKUST students and staff develop their "AI Literacy" in the realm of higher education learning, teaching, and research. It is a work in progress

Research Help AI Tools

Scite  - HKUST subscribes to Scite, which  can help you find & evaluate articles. It has a sub-section,Scite Assistant, (in beta) that allows you to ask questions, which are answered with generated text and embedded reference, with the references md  links on the right.

Elicit -  Helps do research reviews. Type in a research topic and on the left it will give you references and on the right, summaries of the abstract. Links to papers via DOI and via Semantic Scholar.  Built by a non-profit company, Ought, based in California and Delaware in the USA. No direct links to full-text.

Consensus -  Helps to do research reviews. Type in a research topic and it provides a list of one-sentence summaries of research articles. Links to papers via semantic scholar.  Possible to click through semantic scholar to get to full-text of subscribed things if you are ON campus (e.g. I was able to access an Elsevier article on campus). Company appears to be a partner of Semantic Scholar.

ChatPDF - Summarizes pdfs for you -  how, who owns it? Not clear.

Semantic Reader - An AI-powered augmented scientific reading application available in Semantic Scholar. Features include automatic highlighted overlays to key information on a paper and citation cards that show details of a cited paper in-line where you're reading. Note that the Reader is not available for all papers but it works on most arXiv papers.



In addition to Bing, which incorporates ChatGPT and Google's Bard (not available in HK without a VPN) there are some other search tools:

AI Authoring Tools

AI Authoring Tools - a page maintained by Pennsylvania State University. List is divided into text, image, music, and other.

Directory of AI Tools

AI Powered Tools and Resources - a  Google Doc directory maintained by Laura Abbene (Teacher-Librarian, Lebanon High School)

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