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PHYS 2080 - Physics Seminar: Research Process

Search for scientific literature effectively

Research Process

What is Research Process?

Research process is a step-by-step approach for developing a research paper, it generally involves several activities such as identifying the problem, gathering and analyzing relevant information. Research and information needs vary with individual assignment. Although there is no single information strategy that fits all situations, certain information skills can make your work more efficient and effective. This guide will show you how to identify, locate, evaluate and document information for completing research assignments.

Basic Steps of Research Process

Research Process

    1. Develop Your Topic
      Whether a topic is assigned by your instructor or chosen by yourself, you need to find a focus to be presented in the assignment. Follow these steps.
      • Understand the Context
      • Test the Scope
      • Refine the Topic

    2. Gather supporting materials
      You have come up with a workable topic for your assignment. The next step is to gather information to support your description, analysis and arguments. Information sources include books, newspapers, magazines, the Web and others.
      • Identify the Information Needs
      • Evaluate the Sources
      • Acknowledge the Sources

    3. Put Your Work Together
      • Compose a Research Paper
      • Deliver a Presentation
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