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PHYS 2080 - Physics Seminar

Guide Objectives

This guide is developed for PHYS 2080 students as a starting point to finding relevant information for your research.

In this subject guide, you will learn to:

  • Understand the information strategies for research assignment/process
  • Select appropriate search tools and how best to search them
  • Evaluate information sources based on reliability and suitability, and
  • Create in-text reference and bibliography

Research Process

The research process is a step-by-step process that involves gathering and analyzing information to develop new knowledge or understanding about a particular topic. Although there is no single information strategy that fits all situations, certain information skills can make your work more efficient and effective.


Develop Your Topic
Whether a topic is assigned by your instructor or chosen by yourself, you need to find a focus to be presented in the assignment. Follow these steps.

  • Understand the Context
  • Test the Scope
  • Refine the Topic

Gather supporting materials
You have come up with a workable topic for your assignment. The next step is to gather information to support your description, analysis and arguments. Information sources include books and articles.

  • Identify the Information Needs
  • Evaluate the Sources
  • Acknowledge the Sources

Put Your Work Together

  • Compose a Research Paper
  • Deliver a Presentation
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