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PHYS 2080 - Physics Seminar: Articles search in INSPEC

Search for scientific literature effectively

Find Citations


The following examples show you how to locate international journal articles, conference proceedings, reports, dissertations and books in Inspec and Inspec Archive database. If you need any further assistance, please contact the librarians (

Video on How to Find Journal Articles in INSPEC 


How to Search Articles in INSPEC archive, INSPEC

  1. Select INSPEC and INSPEC Archive as your source of searching
  2. Enter one or more keywords in the search box. Search field (e.g. Abstract, Author, Document Title, Publication Title, etc) can help to narrow down your search. You can also use the following commands to build your search statements
    • * [asterisk] OR $ [dollar sign] - find all possible variants.
      For example, child$ will retrieve records containing child, children, childhood, etc.
    • ? [question mark] - use inside or at the end of a word to replace zero or one character.
      For example, flavo?r will retrieve records containing flavour, flavor.
    • (...) [brackets] - specify the order of search terms, terms within brackets will be searched first.
      For example, (water and pollution) NOT air will retrieve records containing water and pollution, but excludes records containing the word air.
  3. Use search operators (e.g. AND, OR, NOT) to combine different search terms.
    • AND narrows a search by combining the main concepts. 
      For example, streaming and network will find documents that contain both terms. 
    • OR broadens a search by including synonyms, acronyms and related keywords. 
      For example, aids or "acquired immune deficiency syndrome" or hiv or "human immunodeficiency virus" will find documents that contain any of the terms. 
    • NOT excludes a term. 
      For example, apple and not fruit will find documents that contain the word apple but not the word fruit
  4. Select the criteria of Publication Year, Journal Paper, or Full Text for the "Limits" search options.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Click the following link when viewing a results list or a single record to get the article full-text:

    find at hkust : Find@HKUST provides links to
    • Electronic versions of the article from different sources.
    • Library Catalog for searching different formats of the journal.
    • HKUST ILLiad to request the article from other libraries if it is not available in our collection.


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