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Computer Science

A quick guide to introduce library and free resources on learning computer science and programming

This guide introduces a few library and free online resources to support learning in computer science and programming. 


First-time user: 
  • Visit the above page and click the link under "View it" to access O'Reilly.
  • Select "Institution not listed", then type in your HKUST email to register an account.

On this platform, you can:
(Click to view an example in screenshots)

  •  by typing in a question. Answers are extracted from books on O'Reilly. 
  •  you like and learn through video tutorials, books, case studies, etc.
Choose a topic, e.g. Data Visualization

Read the book online

LinkedIn Learning

First-time user: 
  • Register through HKUST Engage
  • Successful applicants will receive an invitation email (with LinkedIn Learning activation link) within 1 working day.

On this platform, you can:
(Click to view an example in screenshots)

  •  you like and learn through bite-site videos and hands-on practices.
Example: Hands-On Introduction: Python course.
This course provides hands-on practice on GitHub Codespaces environment, so you do not need to pre-install any software to practice coding.

LinkedIn Learning GitHub Codespaces

Here is a snapshot of GitHub Codespaces. Basically it's VS Code editor run on GitHub servers, with all course required extensions and exercise files pre-installed.

LinkedIn Learning GitHub Codespaces
LinkedIn Learning Roles
LinkedIn Profile Certificate
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