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LANG 2010 - English for Science I

Welcome & Introduction


This online workshop is designed to help LANG 2010 students find  information for your Recommendation Report  based on cases from PreventionWeb.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to

  • Analyse the case, identify the problem and issues underlying the problem & suggest possible solutions
  • Search, find and select information, ideas, and data for your recommendation report
  • Select an appropriate citation tool (Zbib, Word doc referencing, Refworks, Zoetro, etc.) to use when writing your report

Your Assignment

The Recommendation Report should include:

  • Introduction to the chosen hazard (list of hazards)
    • Background / Factual description / history of the present situation
    • Problem statement: Identify the problem arises from the situation
    • Statistical data to illustrate the seriousness / urgency / significance of the problem (when applicable)
    • Significance of the problem
  • Your Problem analysis
    • Analyse the problem and issues underlying the problem.
    • Select relevant science knowledge / notions / concepts (from various Science disciplines) to analyse the problem.
  • Your Proposed solutions and evaluation
    • Suggest possible solutions to address the problem.
    • Apply scientific knowledge / notions / concepts to generate solutions.
    • Evaluate all suggested solutions, e.g. the benefits and limitations.
  •  Your Recommendations
    • Identify and justify the best solution
    • Recommend courses of actions to implement the solutions
    • Justify recommendations based on feasibility and complementariness
  • Your Conclusion
    • Summarise the analysis of the problem
    • Identify and justify theories and strategies proposed
    • Reiterate the significance of dealing with this problem
  • References
    • Citation / referencing is needed for all inclusion of secondary data / information
  • Appendices
    • Any supplementary and illustrative materials e.g. tables, charts, graphs, diagrams etc.
    • They should all be clearly labelled, numbered and referred to in the report. 


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