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Legal Information: Databases for Legal Info

Here you will find lists of sources providing legal information available at HKUST Library, with an emphasis on Hong Kong. In addition to printed resources, relevant databases and websites are also included. Arrangement is by countries or regions.


Westlaw Asia
Is an extensive legal database which provides full-text legislation, case law and law reviews covering the jurisdictions of Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, United States, the European Union, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Treaties and international agreements are also included.


Find HK content on Westlaw

The default welcome page allows a combined search on all Hong Kong content.

Things to note:

  • Check the desired boxes to limit your search.
  • Enclose all phrases within a pair of double quotation marks.  By default, a space between the keywords denotes the logical connector AND.
  • Check out "Search Tips" and "List of Connectors" for how best to build your search statements.
  • Click "Natural Language" to search like Google.  The best 100 results will be retrieved.

Westlaw Search connectors


Search Terms and Connectors

Westlaw  Guide Meaning
"credit card" Retrieve the phrase "credit card."
"credit card"  &  fraud Both the phrase "credit card" and "fraud" will appear.
negligence /p liability "Negligence" must be within the same paragraph as "liability."
negligence /s liability "Negligence" must be within the same sentence as "liability."
"chan chi man" /5 ABC company "Chan Chi Man" must be within 5 words of "ABC company."
car automobile Retrieve either search term or both terms.
trust % charitable Exclude the word "charitable."
fraud! Retrieve "fraud," "frauds," "fraudulent," or "fraudulence."
("gm food" "genetically modified food") & (law! label!) Combine sets of related terms with brackets.


北大法寳. 司法案例 -

北大法寳. 司法案例  - also known as
This database contains a huge number of civil, criminal cases and administrative cases in the People’s Republic of China.
  • To further research, a case can be linked to all the related laws and regulations.
  • Browse and search by a number of criteria including keyword, nature of the cases, names of the parties, judges, attorneys and court, etc


Nexis Uni

  • Extensive news & legal database
  • Has law cases and statutes of various jurisdictions including Hong Kong, UK, US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada, and US law reviews, including Hong Kong "unreported" cases.
  • License allows 15 concurrent users at a time

Nexis-Uni Search help  (text)

Nexis Uni Video Tutorials on YouTube (official)


北大法寶 =

Provides access to 12 databases:

  1. English Translations
  2. Laws and Regulations
  3. Judicial Cases
  4. Law Journals
  5. Legal Subjects
  6. Law Firm Practice
  7. Procuratorial Instruments
  8. IP Information
  9. Criminal Practice
  10. Administrative Penalty
  11. Labor Service
  12. Business Environment.
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