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Statistical Information: Global

Here you will find lists of general and subject-specific statistical sources available at HKUST Library and on the Internet. Arrangement is by region and country.

General Global Statistics

國際統計年鑑 = International statistical yearbook (E-Resource HA154 .K85)

CDMNext - has millions of macro-economic time series and statistics from 190+ countries. In-depth data is available for China & Indonesia

GlobalEDGE Database on International Business (DIBS) -  Created & maintained by Michigan State University, it provides 5,000+ variables for 200+ countries from mid-1990's to the present;. Free for academic use. Registration required.

National Statistical Offices -  Links to national statistical offices and bureaus across the world, maintained by the United Nations.

Our World in Data -  Data created and maintainedby researchers at the University of Oxford, (the scientific editors of the website content) the NGO, Global Change Data Lab

Passport - Volume & value sales statistics for consumer, industrial and services markets across 82 countries worldwide. It also provides a wide range of data on business enterprise including consumer market sizes, consumer lifestyles, companies.

Political risk yearbook.... (E-Resource via Ebsco):  Annual reports listed alphabetically by country name 

Statista: the portal for statistics  - Over a million market data series on 80,000 topics; data can be exported in PowerPoint, Excel, PNG or PDF. & infographics  explored by subject.

 United Nations Statistics Division -    View and download data from the UN's Statistics division.

The World almanac and book of facts. ( Reference AY67.N5 W7)

World Bank Open Data   Over 2,000 indicators from World Bank data sources downloadable. Browse data by countries, indicators, topics or data sources. Also has pre-formatted tables and reports. Highlights:

The World factbook   (G122 .U56)  - Compiled & published by the USA's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Also available open access online via

Energy Statistics

Energy Statistics
Provided by the Statistics Division of the United Nation, and covers 190+ countries.
Energy statistics yearbook
(E-Resource & Book Collection HD9502.A1 Y42)
IEA Energy Statistics (limited free access)
Provided by the International Energy Agency, it gives energy statistics for its member countries.

Economic, Industrial, & Labour Statistics

The CRB commodity yearbook
(Multiple Locations HG6046 .C73)
The Global competitiveness report
(E-Resource & Book Collection HF1414 .G559)
Global Economic Monitor
A World Bank service, it provides daily and monthly commentary on global economic conditions along with direct access to high frequency data that is refreshed daily.
International marketing data and statistics
(Book Collection HA154 .I56)
International yearbook of industrial statistics
International Labour Organization ILOSTAT
Allows you to view and download labor data for 200+ countries, provided by the International Labor Organization (ILO).
Labour force statistics
(E-Resource & Book Collection HD5764.A6 O58)
Main economic indicators
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HC10 .O68)
Market share reporter
(E-Resource & Book Collection HF5410 .M35)
OECD iLibrary
The World economic factbook
Volume and value sales statistics for consumer, industrial and services markets across 82 countries worldwide. It also provides a wide range of data on business enterprise including consumer market sizes, consumer lifestyles, companies and brands as well as market research reports, country profiles and socio- economic statistics.
Year-book of labour statistics
(Book Collection HD4826 .Y433)

Science & Technology Statistics

Basic science and technology statistics - (E-Resource & Book Collection Q172.5.S34 B37)
Communications outlook (E-Resource & Multiple Locations HE7601 .C645)
Main science and technology indicators - (E-Resource & Multiple Locations Q172.5.S34 M35)
Market Information and Statistics - Free statistics provided by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).
OECD science, technology, and industry outlook - (E-Resource)
OECD science, technology, and industry scoreboard - (E-Resource & On Call Collection HC10 .I6224)
Scientometrics - (E-Resource)




Agricultural & Environmental Statistics

FAO yearbook. Production.
(HD1421 .P76)
Provides access to over 3 million time-series and cross sectional data relating to food and agriculture for 200 countries and over 200 primary products and inputs.
Global Environment Outlook 2 Data Compendium
Includes datasets from the Global Environmental Outlook project, covering the years 1972-2002.
OECD-FAO agricultural outlook
(E-Resources HD1401 .A338)
UNSD Environmental Indicators
Maintained by the United Nations, this site provides indicators on water and waste, air pollution, climate change and land use.

Finance Statistics


Balance of payments statistics. Yearbook
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HG3882 .B34)
Global development finance
(Multiple Locations HJ8899 .W672)
Government finance statistics yearbook
(Multiple Locations HJ101 .G68)
International financial statistics
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HG3881 .I626)
International financial statistics yearbook
(Multiple Locations HG3881 .I6267)
The IMD World competitiveness yearbook
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HF1414 .W67)
Insurance statistics yearbook
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HG8045 .I57)
Revenue statistics



Population, Health & Social Statistics


Demographic and Social Statistics Databases and Statistical products
Provides access to data collected and assembled by the UN Statistics Division, including Social Indicators.
Demographic yearbook
(E-Resource & Multiple Locations HA17 .D45)
Human development report
Millennium Development Goals Indicators
A free service of the Statistics Division of the United Nations' Department of Economic and Social Affairs, this database presents 48 social and economic indicators and related series by country and year since 1985.
WHO Data Collection
From the World Health Organization (WHO), manages and maintains a wide range of data collections related to global health and well-being. Featured collections include World Health Data Hub, Health Inequality Data Repository and Global Health Estimates, etc.
World health statistics annual
World population profile
(On Call Collection HA154 .W65 1998)
World population prospects 
Provided by the UN, this database allows you to look at historical population data and view future population projections.


Direction of trade statistics quarterly - (Multiple Locations HF1016 .I652)

Direction of trade statistics. Yearbook (E-Resource & Multiple Locations HF1016 .I653)

International trade statistics yearbook (E-Resource & Multiple Locations HF91 .U473)

TradePort: Country Profiles -A collection of links to demographic and trade information, sources of financing, and overview of hundreds of countries. Funded by U.S. Dept. of Commerce. Includes market research reports.

United Nation Trade Statistics Branch Includes country totals for merchandise trade, services trades, and others.

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