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WisersOne 慧眼輿情: How to Search

Access Search Interface

Search Interface

  1. Go to WisersOne page
  2. Switch to "WiseSearch" platform
  3. Type in keywords to search.

How to Search on WiseNews

Direct Search


To start a search, simply type in the keywords in the search box under "Direct Search".

To get more accurate results, you can limit your search by

  • searching keywords within Headline or Full Text
  • selecting a Date Range
  • selecting Media (Sources)SubjectCompanyIndustry, etc.

For Advanced Search, switch to "Easy Search" which allows you to search with AND, OR and NOT operators.

For "Media", you can search to find the news source and choose to include or exclude from the sources in your search.

Need more searching help? Check out the User's Manual


Refine Results & Full-Text Download

Refine Search Results


After conduct a search, you will see a list of news on the search result page. Clicking on any news entry will direct you to the full-text news article. 

You may further refine search results using the filters on the left panel. 

On this page, you can also: 

  • Edit your search query
  • Edit Date Range
  • Check search history
  • Print/ Download/ View news


Download Full-Text

You can download individual news article or up to 200 news articles in a batch and browse at once.

Need more searching help? Check out the User's Manual.


User's Manual

Login Timeout?

You may be logged out from the platform after several minutes of idle time (see screenshot). To re-enter, go to WisersOne 慧眼輿情 page. You do not need to login WiseNews to access its content.

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