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Emerging AI Tools for Literature Review: Comparison of GenAI Tools

A guide to faciliate the delivery of library workshop Emerging AI Tools for Literature Review

Comparison of GenAI Tools

(updated 25 Feb 2024)

Which LLM is more powerful?

An "unofficial" leaderboard compares available LLMs based on their performance on user voting, grading model responses to challenging questions, and measuring multitask accuracy.

As of 1 Feb 2024, the Top 10 are:

  1. GPT-4-Turbo
  2. Bard (Gemini Pro)
  3. GPT-4-0314
  4. GPT-4-0613
  5. Mistral Medium
  6. Claude-1
  7. Claude-2.0
  8. Mixtral-8x7b-Instruct-v0.1
  9. Gemini Pro (Dev API)
  10. Claude-2.1
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