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Mathematics: Reference Topics

Guide to mathematics resources


Algebra and Number Theory

數學題解辭典. 代數
(QA157 .S48 1985)
Dictionary of real numbers
(E-book 1990)

Analysis and Differential Equations

Compendium on nonlinear ordinary differential equations
(QA372 .S145 1997)

Geometry and Topology

數學題解辭典. 平面幾何
(QA459 .S48 1993)
數學題解辭典. 三角
(QA537 .S52 1988)
An Atlas of Brauer characters
(Oversize QA174.2 .A85 1995)

Fluid Mechanics

Handbook of thermal conductivity of liquids and gases
(QC145.4.T5 S67 1994)
Transport properties of fluids : thermal conductivity, viscosity, and diffusion coefficient
(QC145.3 .K47 1988)

Scientific Computation

Encyclopedia of computer science and technology
(E-book 2009)

Probability and Statistics

CRC handbook of percentiles of non-central t-distributions
(QA273.3 .B34 1993)
CRC handbook of tables for probability and statistics
(On Call Collection QA276.25 .B68 1968)
Encyclopedia of statistical sciences
(E-book 2008 and book QA276.14 .E5 1982)
Leading personalities in statistical sciences : from the seventeenth century to the present
(E-book QA276.156 .L43 1997)
Statistical theory and method abstracts
(Periodical HA1 .S764)

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