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Classification of Material in the Library: How Do You Organize Things?

Goals:This class will teach the basics of the Library of Congress (LC) classification system and how things are arranged using this system within HKUST Library.

How Do You Organize Things?

Organization is important - the better it is organized (and the better you understand its organization), the easier it is to retrieve something meaningful.

How many ways can I organize a pile of books?

  • By size?
  • By color?
  • By whether they are hardback or paperback?
  • Are they fiction or non-fiction?
  • By what they are "about"?
  • How often do I use them?

Let's complicate things further, how do I organize a pile of newspapers?

  • By date? (all the newspapers published on the same day in one pile?
  • By title? (all the 明報 in one pile, all the South China Morning Posts in another?)
  • By language?
  • By city of origin?

How do you organize things at home?

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