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Provides information on copyright for HKUST students & staff

What is Copyright?

In general, copyright is the right given to the owner of an original work, it is an automatic right for the creator (author). Often, the author then sells it on; for example, a composer sells the copyright to a recording company like Sony.

Who is the Copyright Owner? The Author of the work
Copyright protects:
  • Literary work (Books, articles)
  • Musical works (Musical compositions)
  • Dramatic works (Plays)
  • Artistic works (Drawings, paintings, sculptures, etc.)
  • Computer programs
  • Sound recordings, films, broadcasts or cable programmes
  • Typographic arrangement...

** Copyrighted works on internet are protected by copyright law

Copyright last for? Usually 50 years after the creator of the work dies

Source: Intellectual Property Department (

Copyright law in HK - Copyright Ordinance (Cap. 528)

HKUST Intellectual Property Policy

All people are both information creators and users. Here you will learn about

  • Your rights as an information creator (how you want your intellectual property used)
  • Your responsibilities as a user of other people's information (how you should use others' intellectual property)

HKUST's Intellectual Property Policy  provides information about how IP is administered  in regards to information and innovations created by HKUST staff and students. 

  • Section 2.2 covers "ownership principles"
  •  Appendix 1 - Guidelines for Students and Supervisors on Ownership and Assignment of Intellectual Property Created by Students
  • Appendix 4 - Appendix 4 Guidelines on Commercialisation Revenue Distribution

There is an FAQ:


Copyright User's Rights & Licensing Organizations

Teaching & Research in Hong Kong

Making & Using Photocopies for Study & Research

HKUST Library Statement on Copyright

  • Personal
  • Private Study, Research, & Instruction
  • Reasonable extent
  • "Should not conflict with a normal exploitation of a work by the copyright owner nor unreasonably prejudice the legitimate interests of the copyright owner"

Guidelines on the Use of Photocopies in Classroom Instruction

Check out Guidelines for Photocopying of Printed Works by Not-for-profit Educational Establishments,  available from the Intellectual Property Department of Hong Kong and their  FAQ

  • 3-day rule
  • No more than 27 instances in a year per course
  • No more than 15 articles from the same newspaper title for one course in any one acade

Also see Copyright and Education on the HK IPD website.




Fair Dealing & Fair Use

The Fair Dealing for Instruction tab of this guide will help

CUHK Library's Copyright Basics Guide also explains Fair Dealing

Copyright and Fair Use, Stanford University Libraries


Intellectual Property & Me (IP & Me) Workshop

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