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Google Scholar: Get Full-text

This guide helps you read the Google Scholar result screen, and shows you how to reach the full articles and download the citations.

Get Full text

Locate the Full-Text of an Article

Abstract are freely available for most of the articles but reading the entire article may require a subscription. Here're a few things you can try:


Click the title of the item. If it belongs to a subscription source that the Library has subscription to, you should be able to see the HTML full text content or the PDF link to it. In addition, you can

  1. Click a library link for other subscription sources, i.e., "Find@HKUST", to the right of the search result;
  2. Click a link labeled [PDF] to the right of the search result;
  3. Click "All versions" under the search result and check out the alternative sources;
  4. Click "Related articles" or "Cited by" under the search result to explore similar articles.

If all of the above cannot help, then ask a librarian.


You are recommended to activate the "Library Links" so that your search results would include links that help you route through the Library subscriptions:

  1. Go to Google Scholar, then click "Settings"
  2. In the "Library Links" section, key in "Hong Kong University of Science and Technology"
  3. Choose the "The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology - Find@HKUST"
  4. Click "Save" at the bottom

After the preference is set, you will see "Find@HKUST" on your result screen. You may use this link to locate books and articles subscribed by the Library. You will be prompted to enter your ITSC login to access subscribed sources.


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