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MGMT 4250 - Management Consulting (Fall 2022): 3. Company Financials & Statistics

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Listed Company Official Filings

Listed companies are required to release their corporate information to the public in compliance with the disclosure requirements of the listing rules of the respective stock exchanges. Below are a few exchange websites where you can find official filings.

Bloomberg Professional

Access info:  Bloomberg is accessible on campus only. Four Bloomberg stations are available at Information Commons on the Library G/F. Click here to reserve a station online. To find out more, watch "How can I log on to Bloomberg", and visit the database guide on Bloomberg.

Find a Company

  1. Enter the company name in the upper text box
  2. Choose the appropriate company's ticker symbol among the suggested choices from the drop-down menu
  3. If you know the Bloomberg ticker symbol, simply enter the ticker symbol in the upper text box, press the <EQUITY> key and hit <GO>, e.g. MSFT US <EQUITY> <GO> to select Microsoft Corporation

Financial Analysis

  1. Type the company name, e.g. Singapore Airlines
  2. Select the company's ticker symbol: SIA SP EQUITY
  3. Type FA and hit the GO key
  4. Watch the "How to find the market capitalization and financial ratios of a company" video

Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. Type the company name, e.g. Tencent
  2. Select the company's ticker symbol: 700 HK EQUITY
  3. Type MADL and hit the GO key for the company's Merger & Acquisition Deal List

Company Filings

  1. Type the company name, e.g. Apple
  2. Select the company's ticker symbol: AAPL US EQUITY
  3. Type CF and hit the GO key for company filings


1. In Factiva, select Company from the Companies/Markets drop-down menu.

2. Enter the name of the company you are researching and select it.

3. The Company Snapshot will then be shown. Click the choices available in the left-hand navigation menu to get company's news, key developments, peer comparison, financial results, reports, etc.

Nexis Uni

1. In Nexis Uni, click on Menu, choose Business, then use the choices under Company Dossier (such as "Find a Company") to locate what you need.

2. Choose the desired company for related news, company hierarchy, history, financial overview, SEC filings, company reports, etc.


1. In Statista, enter the company name to search.

2. The main screen shows the search results. The left-hand menu gives you choices to refine your search. The results (such as statistics, infographics, dossiers, etc.) are downloadable.

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