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MGMT 4250 - Management Consulting (Fall 2022): 5. Industry Information

Business Source Premier

In Business Source Premier, enter the industry (e.g.  mobile phones), scroll down to Publication Type and choose Industry Profile, then click Search for results.


In Passport, make your choice from the Industries tab, then continue with the choices for analysis, statistics, etc.

Or simply search by keywords (e.g. mobile phones) to discover what is available.


1. Select Advanced Search from the top menu bar.

2. Enter search term(s), check Limit to: Full text, choose Publication date if necessary.

3. For Document type, select Industry Report.

4. Click Search to view results.


Another way to find Industry Overviews and Industry Reports:

1. In ProQuest, click Browse.

2. Click ProQuest One Business Featured Content, and choose Industries.

3. Industry Overviews and Industry Reports are available.


1. In Statista, use the navigation bar to locate what you want or simply enter a search term to continue.

2. The main screen shows the search results. The left-hand menu gives you choices to refine your search. The results (such as statistics) are downloadable.

Factiva (for news)

To browse news articles about a particular industry, in Factiva:

1. Use the Industry field to search and choose the desired industry (e.g. Cell/Mobile/Smart Phones)

2. Choose the Date range

3. Click Search to view results.

(For more details, visit the database guide on Factiva.)


On the results screen, use the filters on the left side to refine your search if necessary.

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