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LANG 1403 Online Workshop & Guide

This module should take about 1 hour & then a short quiz. Learn & Enjoy!

Welcome & Introduction


This online workshop is designed to lay the foundations for your academic success at HKUST and for your life-long learning.

Short-term goals: after going through it, you will be able to:

  • Use PowerSearch & other search tools to find and select good articles from useful English language magazines  & newspapers
  • Name some important criteria and methods to use when critically evaluating sources (articles)
  • Use other people's work legally and ethically
    • Copyright & Creative Commons
      • Find and attribute creative commons licensed multi-media items
    • Citation:
      • Articulate some reasons why scholars cite
      • Begin to be able to create APA  style citations
  • Pass the quiz 

Long-term goal:

  • You will be able to apply and further develop these skills, abilities and mindsets  during your time at HKUST
  • After graduation and throughout your life, you will be able to question, search, find, evaluate, use, and create data, information,  knowledge, and art responsibly and ethically, like a well-educated scholar (university graduate).

Self-reflection Exercises:  Take a minute or so to think & note down for yourself (on paper, online, voice memo? Whatever works for you).

I am at university to learn and develop as a scholar and as a human being (right?)...

  • In what ways do I want to improve how I ask questions and seek answers from data, information, knowledge, and art that others have created before me?
  • How do I want other people to use the data, information, knowledge, and art that I create?
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