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Tools for Open-Science Research: Assess

Research Activities

Common activities during this research phase include:
  • Peer review beyond that organized by journals
  • Measure impact

Tools for Research Assessment

Altmetric Explorer

Almetric Explorer for Institutions is an intuitive platform that enables you to monitor the online activity surrounding academic research. Browse by author, group or department for your own institution, benchmark against peer organizations, report on the outcomes of outreach activity, and integrate the insights the data provides into evaluation and review processes.

Website:  - Subscribed by HKUST Library

Mentions in Library blog:

Tutorial: Introduction to Altmetric Explorer (YouTube)

Journal Citation Reports

It provides citation statistics for determining the relative importance of journals within their subject categories.

Website: Journal Citation Reports - Subscribed by HKUST Library

Tutorial: Journal Citation Reports (YouTube)

TOP Guidelines

The Transparency and Openness Promotion (TOP) Guidelines include eight modular standards, each with three levels in which journals can adopt to promote open science. The TOP Factor is the extent to which the journal policies is compliant with the TOP Guidelines. 


Mentions in Library blog:

Webinar: Implementing journal transparency policies (Center for Open Science)

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