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CHEM 4689 - Capstone Project


SciFinder-n provides abstracts of articles in 10,000 journals, as well as conference papers, patents, technical reports, and dissertations in chemistry, chemical engineering, and biomedicine. It also contains information on 51 million organic and inorganic substances, and 22 million single- and multi-step reactions. Users can search by author, research topic, molecular formula, CAS Registry Number, chemical name, structure or reaction, etc

Citation Chaining in SciFinder-n


A database to find literature in chemistry-related fields.

Navigate to the Citing or Cited Documents sections to explore related articles.

Sample record on SciFinder-n: Single-atom catalyst for high-performance methanol oxidation  (citation information accurate as of 21 Jul 2022)

"Cited Documents"

Find articles cited in this article

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"Citing (17)"

Find articles that are citing this article

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Citation Map

Visualize the relations of citing and cited articles. Learn more here.

(Unique feature in SciFinder-n)

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