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Citation Chaining: About

A quick guide to introduce citation chaining tools on various platforms

Citation Chaining - What is it & Why it matters

Citation chaining helps you quickly find related articles through citations. It is an essential technique to support your literature review process.

You can do backward and forward searching based on an article in hand.

◀◀  Backward searching

A "perfect" article you have in hand

Forward searching  ▶▶
  • finds articles the author used. These articles are usually called: 

"References", "Cited Articles", "Cited Documents"

  • helps you track classical and foundational studies
  • finds articles who used this article. These articles are usually called:

"Citing Articles", "Citing Documents"

  • helps you track latest development on your topic

Citation Chaining on different platforms

Citation chaining can be applied on many platforms. Navigate to each page to learn more.

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