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Literature Discovery through Citation Chaining and Mapping: Research Rabbit

A quick guide to introduce citation chaining and mapping tools for literature discovery

Research Rabbit

Research Rabbit helps you find papers based on one or a set of seed papers or a research topic by keywords. 

  • Find "Similar Work"
  • Find "Earlier Work" - all references
  • Find "Later Work" - all citations (citing articles)
  • Explore "These authors" - refine your search to specific authors' works
  • Explore "Suggested authors" - expand your search to related authors' works

Research Rabbit is "forever free for researchers". 

Research Rabbit - Tutorial (18min)

Navigating Research Rabbit for the first time can be a bit frustrating. Watch the tutorial below to learn some helpful tips!

What's covered

01:03 Research Rabbit Home Page
02:02 Create a New Category
02:36 Create A New Collection
03:33 How to Add Papers in Research Rabbit
04:25 Search Results
05:58 Adding Comments
06:40 Filtering Papers
06:59 Displaying Papers
07:33 Research Rabbit Options by Paper or Collection
08:54 How to Access Similar Types of Papers
11:26 How to Add Similar Work Papers to Collection
12:07 Earlier Work Search
13:23 Later Work Search
14:01 How to Look at Authors
15:58 How to Export Papers
16:29 How to Create a Public Collection
17:00 How to Add Collaborators

How to Read the "Map"

  • Category: treat it like folders, e.g. broader subjects
  • Collection: subfolders, e.g. topics
  • Each node: one paper
  • Node size: no. of citations
  • Node color: 
    • Green: papers in the Collection
    • Blue: paper recommendations


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