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MGMT 2010 - Business Ethics & the Individual (Spring 2024)


This library guide is developed to help MGMT 2010 students find useful materials to support their arguments in group debates.

By using this guide and attending the library seminar, students will learn to:

  • Name some of the important scholarly source types and search tools for research and academic assignments
  • Apply appropriate search methods and techniques to these sources and tools
  • Select and use these sources and tools for high-quality materials that are not freely available in Google

Need Help?

Feel free to email Lester Chan and Kevin Ho, or contact Information Help Team:

   WhatsApp (9701-1055)
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Course Description

Students can understand through this course that while an ethical dilemma may be viewed in various ways depending on one's guiding assumptions, a decision and course of action nevertheless must be chosen in harmony with one's own moral convictions.
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