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LANG 1404 - Advanced Academic English for University Studies

Library course guide for LANG 1404 Advanced Academic English for University Studies

Purpose - How this Guide will Help you

This guide is developed to help LANG 1404 students, search, evaluate, select, and cite good sources for your assignments (annotated bibliography, seminar presentation & discussion, and e-magazine article).  Using this guide before, during, and after the Library workshop, you will

  • Define what is a scholarly/academic article as compared to general sources.
  • Choose and use appropriate search tools effectively to suit your research topic.
  • Evaluate search results in order to select pertinent articles/sources.


Your assignments

1. Annotated bibliography 

  • At least three university-level articles
  • Use APA citation styles
  • Include a brief introduction to your theme at the beginning (approximately 50-100 words) to state the focus of your research
  • Each entry for each article must include a summary paragraph and an analysis/commentary paragraph   
  • Each entry should be approximately 250-300 words

2. Student Led Seminar Discussion

  • Each seminar lesson will focus on one theme from the provided list or a theme approved by the lecturer 
  • Facilitated by a leading group of 3-4 student (i.e., the seminar leaders) who have researched topics related to the theme
  • The research will be used for an Annotated Bibliography Assessment
  • Each of the three leaders giving a 5-minute “presentation” of their subtopic 
  • After the presentation, each of the 3-4 leaders will individually lead a small group discussions or breakout group 
  • After the group discussions, the seminar leaders will summarize the discussions from each seminar group and wrap up the seminar 

3. E-magazine

  • Research a theme from different perspectives
  • Introduce the theme to a different audience and highlight the significance of the theme for that audience
  • Create an e-magazine to clearly communicate information about the theme and your group’s recommendations 
  • To support achievement of your communication purpose, you should use information from your annotated bibliography and also insights gained from the seminar 
  • Consider how to effectively engage your audience with textual and visual elements
  • Approximately 1000 words per student
  • Use APA citation style

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