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LANG 3070 - English Communication for Humanities and Social Science Studies II: Cite


Remember to record citation information for each article you read for your research

  • Author(s) - (who wrote it)
  • Title - (what the article is called)
  • Source - (title of the periodical or larger work it appeared in)
  • Volume & Issue numbers
  • Date of publication
  • Page numbers

Guide to Good Referencing  (tutorial) &  How to Cite APA Style - a very detailed Library Guide

Refworks - Learning Vidoes & Manual

  1. RefWorks on YouTube - these online videos will walk you through from RefWorks basics to all advance features. For example:
    1. Accessing RefWorks & Creating an Account & Logging in  (2 min, 53 sec)
    2. Adding References to RefWorks with Direct Export  (2 min 14 sec)
  2. RefWorks  quick guides

Help You Cite Tools


  • A Library provided software
  • Helps you manage your bibliographic references
  • Makes it easier to write your papers and thesis
  • Available (on campus & remotely) to all HKUST students and staff

There will be special classes on how to use it later in the semester. These quick guides can help you.

Zotero (Web Resource)

Citing & Using AI Tools

APA style

How to cite ChatGPT - APA Style Blog (April 7,  2023)

The guide covers examples on:

  • Quoting or reproducing the text created by ChatGPT in your paper (in general, treat as "Personal communication")
  • Creating a reference to ChatGPT or other AI models and software (in general, treat as "Software")

Chicago style

Recommendations for Citing ChatGPT & other tools - Chicago Style Blog


MLS Style

How do I cite Generative AI in MLA Style?  - MLA blog (March 17, 2023)

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