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MGMT 2110 - Organizational Behavior (Fall 2023): Welcome!


Students taking MGMT 2110 (L04, L05, and L06) in Fall 2023 will be divided into teams. Each team will work on a topic to complete a group project. It includes a progress report, a final report, and a team presentation.

If you are a student of this class, this guide is created to be a resource to you as you work on your progress and final reports. It is especially related to doing a literature review.

What is Literature Review?


You select documents on the topic that contain information, ideas, data, and evidence

You write it from specific standpoints - express views on the nature of the topic and how you will investigate the topic or question(s)

You effectively evaluate (appraise critically, not just summarize) the documents you selected in relation to the research you propose

(Hart, 1998, p.13)


  • Demonstrate your skills in research literature searching
  • Show your command of the subject area ("I know my stuff!")
  • Show your understanding of the research problem
  • Justify your research topic, design and methodology

(Hart, 1998, p. 13)

Questions your literature review can answer about your topic

  • Key concepts and theories and ideas?
  • Main questions and problems answered up to now?
  • Major issues and debates?
  • Origins of the topic?
  • In what ways has the topic been defined or limited?
  • Key sources (authors, books, articles, data, etc.?)

(Hart, 1998, p. 14)



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